Contemporary womenswear brand

Our story

Rish stands for short of Cherish


protect and care for (someone) lovingly, hold (something) dear. 

Rish was founded upon the idea to explore fashion design through the philosophy of slow fashion. Inspired by minimalism & avant-garde our brand is seeking delight and muliebrity in everyday life. Representing the uncommon and contemporary women.

We love our environment protected and nurtured. Rish focuses on slow-made production, we are working with two seasons per year. We desire to stand against the commercial seasonal cycle which fuels overconsumption. We truly think good design is timeless.

Our garments are manufactured in small runs locally. Our talented seamstresses and craftsmen are working in their own workshops in their own rhythm, paid a fair wage. Our manufacturing process is designed to produce the smallest quantity of fabric waste possible. All garments are made sweatshop-free in Europe without animal origin fibers.

We invite you to join us on our journey of fashion.